Social Hydroponics

Tens of millions of Americans grow plants in their gardens, but only a fraction of that number grow plants hydroponically.  Why is that?  Both activities involve the same basic steps.  Both depend on making sure that your plants have the right amount of water, light, and nutrients, and on keeping away disease and pests.  Best of all, both can result in bountiful harvests of delicious fruits and vegetables and beautiful flowers.  We want to popularize  hydroponic farming by maximizing the fun while minimizing the drudgery.  

What really differentiates our approach is that it leverages technology to help anybody – even a newbie – join the fun.  Many home and commercial hydroponic systems automate growing tasks to such an extent that machines rather than people are performing them.  Doing that might result in slightly better yields, but, there will be fewer happy farmers.  Our technology, on the other hand, guides you through the growing process.  You can interact with other farmers by sharing expertise – from full-blown multi-week plans to tweaks – and by engaging in friendly competition.  Think of Social Hydroponics as a multi-player hydroponic farming video game with real produce as the prize that all players can win.