What's Cooking: Disks of Life

    We often putter in the kitchen.  This time, we wondered if we could make something that both tastes good and contains all sorts of healthful ingredients that you know you should eat but don't -- things like sunflower seeds and flax seeds and raw oats.  Our first try was dreadful.  Then we substituted milk chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast powder for the dried milk and it was delicious.  In fact, it might have been the first of our original recipes that every single person who tasted the result loved.  And it was gluten free.  But not vegan or dairy free. So, we puttered some more.  Out went the Carnation Instant Breakfast powder and in went cocoa and dried coconut milk.   The result is our soon-to-be-famous Disks of Life.  Unfortunately, since one of the key ingredients is cashew butter, people allergic to tree nuts cannot share in the deliciousness.