Our Software

The heart of our technology is our Ophanim cloud-based Experience Management Software.  It helps people of all sorts of capabilities and backgrounds perform activities at a high level and with minimal mistakes even though those activities may not be innately engaging.  We accomplish this by promoting the sense that the user is problem solving in an enjoyable way, based on these five design principles:

    - Individualized UI/UX tailored to each user's specific strengths and challenges.        

    - Minimized frustration so that users face no unnecessary roadblocks.   

    - Participatory training that allows users to learn through stylized versions of real-world activities.  

    - Integrated incentives that provide users with a variety of intrinsic and external motivations.

    - Open source expertise whereby users can develop and share detailed interactive roadmaps for short-, medium-, and long-term projects.     

Ophanim provides whatever level of individualized support each user needs to succeed.  Through the use of a proprietary algorithm, the software creates an ordered list of the activities that the user should perform, and continually reevaluates that list to take into account newly-received data. Moreover, Ophanim tailors both the contents of that list and how that list is presented to accommodate the user's strengths and challenges. The result is an experience that is both individualized and scalable.